The big utilities like Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, and San Diego Gas & Electric have traditionally relied on the big profits they make from bloated dirty energy projects. Dirty energy projects – like natural gas plants – that are often built in poor communities, polluting our air and guzzling up water resources at a time of record droughts.

That’s why the big utilities feel threatened by the growth of programs that are the engine behind California’s rooftop solar revolution. More clean energy means more local jobs for our communities but fewer profits for the utilities’ traditional dirty energy business model.

Two-thirds of new solar installations are now taking place in middle class and low income communities. This means that more and more families are now able to benefit from the economic benefits that solar energy brings.

This is not the time to obstruct the growth of rooftop solar. Our state’s entire clean energy economy depends on moving forward, not backwards on solar. Click here to find out more.


Groups Vow To Continue Fight After Gov. Brown Signs AB 327, Which Introduces Major Changes To Energy Conservation, Rooftop Solar, and Energy Bills Across CA

ACTIVISM COMMUNITY GROUPS ACROSS CALIFORNIA SECURED MAJOR CHANGES TO THE ORIGINAL & VERY PROBLEMATIC BILL Oct. 8, 2013 Debate Now Moves to the California Public Utilities Commission SACRAMENTO – Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law AB 327, a bill that had been pushed forward by the utility lobby and authored by Assemblymember Henry Perea…
August 7, 2013